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Prism Software Factory project site

The Prism Software Factory is a software factory for Visual Studio 2010 assisting developers in the process of building WPF & Silverlight applications based on p&p's Composite WPF & Silverlight Guidance (formerly Prism).

It's developed in C# and is based on GAX&GAT for VS 2010.


The Prism Software Factory is a guidance that provides developers with a fast and consistent way to develop applications based on the Composite Application Library created by p&p team. Provides a well-structured Visual Studio 2010 solution allowing developers to jump start almost immediately to the core business logic of the application.

Who is the Prism Software Factory for?

This software factory is intended to help software developers that want to create or are already creating complex enterprise applications based on the p&p's Prism guidance. This project targets Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 platforms.


  • Targeting VS2010 & .NET Framework 4.
  • Targeting Prism V2.2
  • Speeding-up the process of creating a new VS solution based on the Composite Application Library.
  • Providing recipes for the creation of new Prism modules for both WPF and Silverlight.
  • Providing recipes and guidance for the implementation of the MVVM pattern.
  • Integrating with the Enterprise Library 5.0 and Unity application blocks of the pattern&practices team


The releases downloadable from Codeplex represent “light” versions of a bigger product that 4ward is developing. Following is a preview of the expected roadmap of the full product:


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